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Date: 27.08.2010

Version: 0.5

Improved the extraction method of the values, by getting only the performance data output. At the moment works only with one OID at a time. In the future versions I will fix this.

Date: 06.07.2010

Version: 0.2b

First release.


One needs to know when the input voltage of an UPS drops to zero => an error, as the power line is in fault, but not having problems when the same check is 220V in normal conditions.

With the normal “check_snmp” you can’t check those limits, as the check will always be in error.  So this is where this script comes in.

Usage:  ./ -H <remote_host_IP> -C <comunity_string> -o <OID> -w <warning value> -c <critical value> -u <measure block> -l <label>

The critical value is the real value that one needs to set, for example: 0, and the warning value greater than the critical – ex: 240.

Download the plugin!

Important: Please link to this page and not to the link directly as the storage that hosts the script can be changed.

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