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D&D on the Microsoft Surface

Do you know Microsoft Surface? If you do… Well you will be happy to know that a student created a new game for it. A D&D game (not fully completed) that makes you want to think that the computer that does not require a touch on a surface to control it it’s not so far way. Until then enjoy the movie and if you have to spare at least 11000 E go buy the damn thing!

D&D on the Microsoft Surface from CrunchGear on Vimeo.

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Zone Alarm 8 Password remover

So… These days I had a small problem with my ZA installation – I forgot my security settings password. So I have tried a lot of solutions from the net but only one worked (which came directly from the support team – thanks guys): Continue reading

Tutorial to monitor AROS & APC UPS-s via SNMP with NAGIOS

– UPDATED – 27.08.2010

I have inserted my first plug-in (you can get it from here) in this tutorial with the help of which we will check things like voltage in or the time that remains until the battery is finished.

Before you start this tutorial please make sure that your network responds to the same OID as here and that you have configured all the UPS-s to work with the snmp (note down your snmp community string). In my tests I used the standard powernet395.mib from APC and the rfc1628.mib for AROS.

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