Zone Alarm 8 Password remover

So… These days I had a small problem with my ZA installation – I forgot my security settings password. So I have tried a lot of solutions from the net but only one worked (which came directly from the support team – thanks guys):

Paul: The ONLY way to remove a ZoneAlarm password that is forgotten,

Paul: corrupted, or will not work is to remove the database files associated with

Paul: TrueVector, as follows.

Paul: Please note that this will remove your program permissions and

Paul: Trusted Zone settings (so you may want to make note of them), but re-

Paul: establishing them is a simple process; you will be prompted again for

Paul: program access for all the applications that you use to access the local

Paul: network or Internet.

Paul: First we need to boot into Safe Mode, please follow these steps to do so.

Paul: 1.) Power down your computer.

Paul: 2.) Start the system, and immediately begin tapping the ‘F8’ key once

Paul: every

Paul: second.

Paul: 3.) You will get a startup menu; choose ‘Safe Mode’ by using the up/down

Paul: arrow keys.

Paul: 4.) Press Enter.

Paul: Once you have booted into Safe Mode, please continue.

Paul: 1.) If you have Windows XP, click Start -> My Computer. In Vista, go to

Paul: Start -> Computer

Paul: 2.) Double-click your C: drive, probably called local disk c:.

Paul: 3.) Double-click on the Windows or Winnt folder.

Paul: 4.) Double-click the Internet Logs folder.

Paul: 5.) Please delete the following files here:

Paul: – Backup.rdb

Paul: – Iamdb.rdb

Paul: 6.) Close this window, then right-click and empty the recycle bin.

Paul: 7.) Clear the registry entry with the steps below:

Paul: – Go to Start -> Run

Paul: – Type in regedit and press OK

Paul: – On the left find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click on the plus next to this and

Paul: make it a minus.

Paul: – Find the SOFTWARE folder; click on the plus and make it a minus

Paul: – Find the Zone Labs folder; click on the plus and make it a minus

Paul: – Find the TrueVector folder; click on the plus and make it a minus

Paul: – Find the Store folder; click on it

Paul: – On the right, locate and left click on the ‘upwval’ entry

Paul: – Press delete and then say yes to the alert that pops up

Paul: 8.) Close this window, then restart the computer normally. Be sure to

Paul: answer any configuration screens you may receive once your system has

Paul: restarted.

Paul: NOTE – Links to sites other than are provided for the

Paul: convenience of our users. ZoneAlarm does not provide, and is not

Paul: responsible for, the content users may find on such sites.

And it worked like a charm for me. I mention that my ZA version is (

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