McAfee offers to “repay” the costs of his last update.

If you are a home user of McAfee and last week you made “the mistake” of leaving your updating in automatic to your antivirus, you already know that McAfee had released a false positive DAT that considered SVCHOST.EXE a virus and tried to remove it. This corruption in the update file affected only the Windows XP SP3. The update in question was the release 5958 and was replaced in a few hours!! By the 5959 that solved the issue. Here is the official response on the next day:

Being aware that they could loose costumers, McAfee launched an official message today that they will extend (free of charge) the license of the affected users for 2 years and “will reimburse reasonable expenses, such as a visit to a local tech support specialist.”  Here is the page:

So, in other words, we apologize for killing your Windows, but it happens. At least is not as worse as with Kaspersky in 2007 when they deleted EXPLORER.EXE.


And the list of faults of great AV producer can continue.

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