Nagios WMI Proxy

This is a sketch article in which I want to do a brief description of how to install a Windows WMI proxy and do the checks via WMI in your windows network.

The WMI Proxy is basically a Windows Server / Workstation that has NRPE_NT or NSClient++ (you need to change a bit the configurations) installed and from which with an administrative user can do checks to the windows network via the WMI.

WMI is also used as a check for some other products including but not limited to: SCCM, SCOM, Spiceworks, etc.

The GroundWork team has made a small tutorial accessible as a PDF at this link:

You will also need the WMI Plug-ins (a collection of VBS scripts), that can be downloaded from here:

To check if the server has access to its WMI resources one must access in command prompt this program: wbemtest and connect to the WMI DB.

Good luck in setting your server,

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