Nagios exchange plans to introduce paid plug-ins?

Yesterday after I have added my first plug-in to I saw a potentially worrying new field: “License:”

This could mean two things: either they want to help the user when he searches for a free plug-in or they want to establish a market for the developers and the Nagios users.

What will come only the future will see!

Here are the screenshots:


One thought on “Nagios exchange plans to introduce paid plug-ins?

  1. Ethan Galstad

    Actually we added the license field to make it easier for end-users to see what type of license a plugin or addon was available under. We did this because there are a few non-OSS addons on Exchange and we didn’t want people to unknowingly think everything was GPL.

    Ultimately, we want people to be able to submit whatever addon they have that works with Nagios – whether it is Open Source or not. We don’t have plans to start charging for the stuff you get on Exchange. The authors of individual addons might charge for their contributions, but that’s outside the scope of the Exchange site.


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