Microsoft launches a self computing guide

Yep! It finally strike them that it does not matter how safe you make a system (not that Windows is the safest system around – but it’s over Apple for example ) the human that uses the system will finally have the final word!

With this book (yeah it’s a book – it has 12 chapters) Microsoft tries to educate the young and the old by telling different stories and little bits of computer related histories. It’s a good read and should be handed to any computer user (not only the Windows ones) as it familiarizes the person with  terms like computer virus / phishing / passwords / spam/ etc.

Bellow I’ve pasted the Table of Contents  so it could give you an idea on what can you find in the book:

Chapter 1:  Protect Your Turf

Chapter 2: Know Your Villains

Chapter 3:  Nasty “ware”

Chapter 4: Hackers and Crackers

Chapter 5:  Taking SPAM Off the Menu

Chapter 6: Cyberbullies

Chapter 7:  Phishing for Dollars

Chapter 8:  Safe Cyber Shopping

Chapter 9:  Browsers Bite Back

Chapter 10:  Private Blogs and Public Places

Chapter 11:  Going Social

Chapter 12:  Friends, Creeps and Pirates

Chapter 13:  Any Port in a Storm

Chapter 14:  Look Pa, No Strings!

Chapter 15: Getting Help

Chapter 16: Tweaks

Appendix A:  A Note to Parents



The document came online on the 9th of September 2010 and is available here:

Happy reading,

Mihai out!

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