Romanian VoIP providers – Eurovoice – (II)

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Today I’m going to describe my tests done on Eurovoice.

Eurovoice is a product of EuroWeb, a grand web provider in Romania. Their number assignment starts like this: 03xxxxxxxx. The Service has also a directory that is accessible to all users which is a nice thing if you wish to know if your friends are already registered.

Sound quality Ok.
The prices Are fair. It will cost you about 0,025 Euro/minute to make a phone call in the fixed line in Romania and on the mobile network – 0,089 Euro/minute. The official price list can be found
Are the phone calls in the provider’s network free? Yes!
Does it have a Voice mail? Yes!
Does it have a cost control service? Yes! (the best of all)
Does it have a STUN service? NO!
Can you buy the credit On-Line? Yes!

The good part:

The phone service has a good quality and the tech support is present 24/24h. You can get a 1 € credit by just telling the support what’s your opinion about their service.

The support is young and they do not have so much experience. But they make up with the perseverance and knowing the value of a client (a thing so very rare this days in Romania). To make you a picture of what I’m talking about I’m going to tell you that they called me several times in Italy from RO (more then 150 minutes in a total of two years of service) to help me solve several problems that I had with their service.

The best part of the service is the management system used by them. It gives you the complete control of all aspects of the account. That means you can:

  • block unwanted numbers
  • see your call details
  • set dial regulations
  • set the e-mail address to which your robot messages will be delivered
  • register a welcome message on the robot (*from the telephone)
  • see the detailed list of the calls
  • block hidden numbers
  • see the registered devices on the server for your account
  • set the alias of your number
  • set the redirect number
  • do not disturb hours
  • create number categories
  • forward the call to another sip account

Eurovoice barred destinations

Eurovoice call forwarding

Eurovoice DND

Another feature that Eurovoice is giving (for free) is the posibility to view the detailed list of the calls that were made using that number. The service’s name is CDR On-lineCostControl and can be accessed here:

The bad part:

It has no STUN server support! That means that if you are behind a firewall that does NAT (Network Address Translation), or behind several NAT’s, your account won’t work. & at the moment the web registrations are closed so you can only register by dialing their support number and recharging your number with at least 10€. Also the accounts without credit are blocked under an indefinite term (probably until they will expire).

Configuration details:

The registration page:

The management page:

The CDR tool:

The on-line telephone book:

X-lite configuration:

The support:

Email address: [email protected]

Phone: +40317100000

At the end of the day this provider scores high on the support and the advanced controls over your line. I’m giving them  an 8.7 only because they don’t have implemented the SMS option and they do not have another way to recharge the credit other than paying with your credit card (PayPal for example).

Mihai out,

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5 thoughts on “Romanian VoIP providers – Eurovoice – (II)

  1. Adam

    It looks like their registration page is currently down.

    Have you tried the “forward the call to another sip account” feature? Do you just enter [email protected] and then it forwards?

    1. Mihai

      Sadly no, I did not try that feature because I have a phone model that supports lots of VoIP accounts. But from what I was reading on the forums seams to work well. To register you need to phone to the support and then recharge with at least 10 E.

  2. Yo

    You are right, Eurovoice doesn’t have the STUN service, which is a NAT traversal.
    But…Eurvoice platform use the newest NAT traversal technology: ICE and TURN.
    It works very well under NAT. There are some problems when some devices doesn’t perform a correct NAT.


  3. LiberaVoip


    How can I find the pbx public IP address for eurovoice?

    I need to forward ports on my router (Fritzbox 7170) in order to set up a voip GW behind the router, but because 5060 is blocked by default for internal use, I need the IP instead of the sip domain ‘’ to open/forward ports.
    I found this tutorial but without the public IP address for the sip domain, it doesn’t help much:
    I have tried with ping/traceroute but couldn’t register with that IP.

    Any ideas on how to obtain the public IP for ‘’ that I can use to register with on a softphone/ATA gateway behind the router?

    Thank you for any ideas.


    1. Mihai


      Here is what I find using ping:


      Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
      Reply from bytes=32 time=50ms TTL=51
      Reply from bytes=32 time=45ms TTL=51
      Reply from bytes=32 time=46ms TTL=51
      Reply from bytes=32 time=43ms TTL=51

      Ping statistics for
      Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
      Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
      Minimum = 43ms, Maximum = 50ms, Average = 46ms

      & nslookup:


      Non-authoritative answer:



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