SCCM 2007 WMI Repository Corruption

I was troubleshooting the other days on a server that had these errors in the (C:\WINDOWS\(SysWOW64/system32)\CCM\Logs\) execmgr.log log.

  • Failed to instantiate VApp UI Server {00AAB372-0D6D-4976-B5F5-9BC7605E30BB} with error 0x8000401A
  • Failed to instantiate Updates UI Server {2D023958-73D0-4542-8AD6-9A507364F70E} with error 8000401a
  • Failed to instantiate UI Server 2 {E8425D59-451B-4978-A2AB-641470EB7C02} with error 8000401a
  • Failed to instantiate UI Server {C2F23AE4-82D8-456F-A4AF-A2655D8CA726} with error 8000401a

After searching the web a little I have found this blog ( which states that my WMI repository is corrupted.

Following his instructions I have successfully repaired the WMI space without deleting the SCCM client, as I was used to.

So I’ve merged them all in a batch script for a quick deployment and here it is (just do a copy paste in a .bat file):

net stop ccmexec

TASKKILL /F /IM CcmExec.exe

net stop winmgmt

rmdir /s /q %WINDIR%\System32\wbem\repository

net start winmgmt

net start ccmexec

You will notice that the taskkill was added as the service, on some of the MS servers, does not want to shutdown.

The result is (taken from the CcmExec.log):

WM_QUIT received in the main message loop.

Shutting down CCMEXEC…

BEGIN ExecuteSystemTasks(‘PreShutdown’)

Invoking system task ‘StatusAgentShutdown’.

END ExecuteSystemTasks(‘PreShutdown’)

BEGIN ExecuteSystemTasks(‘Shutdown’)

Invoking system task ‘SchedulerShutdown’.

Invoking system task ‘MtrMgrShutdown’.

Timer task started

Timer task finshed

Running on machine xxxxx as user SYSTEM.

Initializing COM.

Registering for logging change notifications.

Setting default logging component for process.

Setting service status to RUNNING.

Checking configuration.

Successfully Created Thread for CheckConfiguration. Waiting for Configuration to Complete

The CCM namespace does not exist. Repair required.

Detected faulty configuration. Repair will be started in 5 minutes.

Entering main message loop.


I have tried also the command “winmgmt /resetrepository” on a Windows 2008:

PS C:\ > winmgmt /resetrepository

WMI repository reset failed

Error code:     0x8007041B

Facility:       Win32

Description:    A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on.

So again we need to reuse almost the same script as above:

net stop ccmexec

TASKKILL /F /IM CcmExec.exe

winmgmt /resetrepository

net start ccmexec

That’s all.

Mihai out.

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