I know what “I” did last summer!

Having a little time off from the day to day responsibilities I usually have at my work place, last summer I decided to build the map of Italy with all the offices, for our Help Desk.

So, with the magic of Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italy), Gimp and Mk-livestatus I have done in NagVis, a dashboard that displays live checks of the network and server software. This map is displayed on a TV in the Help Desk room, so that everyone can see the network status.

(a zoom)

(how it looks)

The wonderful thing about NagVis is that you can build maps that can display anything (ranging, for example, from free parking slots, to the status of the servers in the server room). The maps are easy to build by anyone that has Office skills and knows how to use a browser (so you can pass this activity to someone that has more time than you). It also takes a little patience, as the NagVis WUI has some bugs, but the team is working hard to fix them. For more examples, check out their website at: http://www.nagvis.org/screenshots (or use your imagination 😉 ).

Mihai out.

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