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Romanian VoIP providers – Geotel – (III)

Geotel is another VoIP provider that gives you the possibility to take your own landline number with you where ever you go in the world. The company is based in Suceava (a city in the northern part of Romania).

Sound quality Ok
The prices Are a little high. They can charge you between 0.015 E – 0.025 E per minute on the land-line network. The list of all connection prices can be found here:
Are the phone calls in the provider’s network free? Yes!
Does it have a Voice mail? Yes! *
It is advertised but I did not see the option on the configuration platform
Does it have a cost control service? Yes!
Does it have a STUN service? Yes!
Can you buy the credit On-Line? Yes! (through various ways like:  PayPal and ePayment)


The good stuff:
One of the obvious parts when you first see their webpage is that you will get 25 minutes for free once you are registered for a limited period and unlimited phone calls in the Geotel network (see here Continue reading

A new monitoring tool is in town…

Watching the “Network Monitoring Application of the Year” vote on I have noticed a new Nagios / competitor: Shinken. The name describes a very sharp Japanese sword – associating the program with its large scale monitoring capabilities.

The software it’s written in Python and it’s compatible with the Nagios configuration. Also they say that they use fewer resources than the Nagios counterpart. The developer has put an accent on the Business rules, Cloud computing and “Very large monitoring capabilities”. Take a look at their features: Continue reading

Backing up a highly utilized MySQL db

After I have done a research on the web I have found that the best method is by using LVM. We will need to lock (temporarily) the tables, flush the changes to the disc, do a LVM snapshot of the directory that contains the MySQL data and unlock the tables again.

Continue reading