Romanian VoIP providers – Geotel – (III)

Geotel is another VoIP provider that gives you the possibility to take your own landline number with you where ever you go in the world. The company is based in Suceava (a city in the northern part of Romania).

Sound quality Ok
The prices Are a little high. They can charge you between 0.015 E – 0.025 E per minute on the land-line network. The list of all connection prices can be found here:
Are the phone calls in the provider’s network free? Yes!
Does it have a Voice mail? Yes! *
It is advertised but I did not see the option on the configuration platform
Does it have a cost control service? Yes!
Does it have a STUN service? Yes!
Can you buy the credit On-Line? Yes! (through various ways like:  PayPal and ePayment)


The good stuff:
One of the obvious parts when you first see their webpage is that you will get 25 minutes for free once you are registered for a limited period and unlimited phone calls in the Geotel network (see here Another nice touch of the service, is that they are giving you a personalized install of the X-Lite program that only needs your user name and password to work.

I have found the service when I had trouble paying with my credit card (the bank halted the transaction to Romania) and this, at the time, was the only one that accepted PayPal. So if you want to pay in a secure way you can transfer your payment via PayPal.

The company share the same VoIP billing & management platform with SmartCall, so you will not see a change in the interface here.

I did not have any problems with the calls I’ve made with this provider & the sound quality is OK. There were small periods when the call was missing bits of sounds, but those do not repeat so often as with other providers – try Romtelecom (this is a normal thing as the communication is done via UDP protocol which does not resends the lost packages).

The creation of a new account gives you the possibility to choose a local phone number from the list.

Another plus is the “Knowledge Base” ( in which one can find a range of articles on how to configure the soft & hardware phones.

And let’s not forget they have a stun server!


The Bad stuff:

The number expires. Yep! That’s right! If you do not recharge your account & you will reach a zero credit balance, your number will be suspended & it will not receive calls from outside! That’s a not so great especially if you keep your hardware phone configured with Geotel. As with the majority of providers there is no way (other than sign in & check your balance) to find what is your credit or why your call is being denied. In this case this will be a much wanted feature!

Like the SmartCall provider the service is based on the PortaBilling100 system and does not offer the option to change your VoIP account password (the one you use when you configure you’re devices to access the system). I have seen, as with the SmartCall service, the same problems with the call history.

There is no SMS option and the “Knowledge Base” could be greater & could be improved with new equipments.

It also would be nice to create a forum to discuss the user problems & solutions and, by doing so, to start a virtual community.


Configuration details:
The registration page:
The management page:

VoIP hardware equipment configuration:

X-Lite configuration:

Asterisk configuration:


The support:
Phone: +40 330 560000
Email address: [email protected]


I’m giving this provider a 7.1 as the number expiration is a big problem for me an I think it could be a big problem for you too.

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  1. voipuser

    I created a Geotel account a few days ago and charged it with 4 EUR. I charged using online payment option, but I haven’t got the credits yet. I wrote a mail to support but they didn’t answer. I think they are unreliable, so I don’t recommend them to anyone.


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