How to backup an off-line installation of Cisco WCS

Well let’s say you have an error that brings down all your WCS installation and you do not have a recent backup. What can you do? How can you recover the DB?

For this there is a simple answer but first let’s take a minute to analyze the WCS structure. It’s made from three primary components:

  1. the Solid database engine;
  2. the Apache web server engine;
  3. and the Java virtual machine that contains a Java-based SNMP engine.

All of them are held together with the help of the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper.

This is why the WCS system is OS independent as it can be installed on a Windows OS or on a Linux (Red Hat OS) environment.

To make the communication with the WLC it uses the Java SNMP engine.

So how do you make a backup when this environment is not available? Clearly one cannot use the methods described in the manual (EX: dbadmin.bat backup c:\WCS-Backup\backup1).

Well the backup can be simply made by grabbing these files and put them in an archive (.tar):

  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\webacs\images\domainmaps\*
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\conf\*
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\licenses\*
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\mapimages\*
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\db\eval_kit\standalone\ solid.db
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\db\eval_kit\standalone\ solid.ini
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\db\eval_kit\standalone\ solmsg.out
  • <install path>\WCS6.0.196.0\webnms\db\eval_kit\standalone\ dbopts.db


After that all you need to do is to change the extension of the archived file to .nmsbackup and your WCS installation should accept your backup.

 .nmsbackup - WCS Backup file contents

.nmsbackup - WCS Backup file contents

Please note:

  1. execute this backup only in case of emergency and only if all other procedures failed
  2. DO NOT do a backup / restore procedure between different versions of WCS as the Solid database changes with each version.



This tutorial is provided as it is, without any guarantees. I cannot be made responsible for any problems or data loss that resulted after your actions.


That’s all!

Mihai out.

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