Mass deploy a Nagios agent (NSClient++)

Today I have seen on the documentation page of Nagios a new tutorial that talks about deploying a NSClient++ to your servers with the help of SCCM 2007.

The document covers all the steps of the deployment from the creation of the .msi package  to the deployment verification of the package. All the stages are covered with screen captures. This type of deployment offers multiple advantages like selecting the hours of the installation or how much bandwidth should be used and makes updating the software package a breeze and I recommend it over other ways to install the client.

You can grab the document from here:
Or the direct link to the .pdf:

But for those of you that do not have SCCM 2007 installed but have a working AD I suggest another type of install: via the Group Policy Software Installation.
Here are some references:

I recommend that you should be “Assigning Software” to a computer OU and not to administrator’s OU, as you want to immediately install the software to the servers whiteout needing to force the administrators to log in on each target server.

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