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Date: 17.07.2011

Version: 1

First release



Check Windows logs for errors and warnings. The script returns a critical if it founds errors and a warning if it founds warnings.



cscript.exe check_windows_logs.vbs -h hostname -l Log_name -ex “event-idx”

-no arguments Help.
-h hostname Host name or IP address. Use the “.” for the local host.
-l “Log_name” Windows log name. Use a the quotes to include names that have spaces
-ex “event-id” Windows event ID name. If you have many events please separate them with a “,”. This option must not contain spaces between the excluded IDs



cscript check_windows_logs.vbs -h SQL_SERVER -l “Application”
cscript check_windows_logs.vbs -h -l “Application” -ex “500,300”
cscript check_windows_logs.vbs -h . -l “System” -ex “1”

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