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Eurovoice integrates the support for BLINK VoIP client

After a recent visit to the control panel in my Eurovoice account I have discovered a nice surprise: A new tab has made his way on the interface named “Blink”. Clicking on it will give you the option to install or configure Blink to your computer with your Eurovoice account. Continue reading

Romanian VoIP providers – Eurovoice – (II)

Eurovoice logo

Today I’m going to describe my tests done on Eurovoice.

Eurovoice is a product of EuroWeb, a grand web provider in Romania. Their number assignment starts like this: 03xxxxxxxx. The Service has also a directory that is accessible to all users which is a nice thing if you wish to know if your friends are already registered.

Sound quality Ok.
The prices Are fair. It will cost you about 0,025 Euro/minute to make a phone call in the fixed line in Romania and on the mobile network – 0,089 Euro/minute. The official price list can be found http://www.eurovoice.ro/eurovoice_tarife.html
Are the phone calls in the provider’s network free? Yes!
Does it have a Voice mail? Yes!
Does it have a cost control service? Yes! (the best of all)
Does it have a STUN service? NO!
Can you buy the credit On-Line? Yes!

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Romanian VoIP providers – get your free RO number now!

VoIP Can PhoneThis is the introductory article, from a series of five, in which I will write about the main VoIP providers that operate in my country and I have used or I’m currently using.

This will be of much help to those of you who want a free RO number for various reasons (you have left the country, you need a landline number that resembles a pre-pay SIM, etc.)

I will start with some details about the VoIP technology. First of all how is it possible to even get a landline Romanian number without staying in the same country? Well the answer is simple: Internet! The “telephone” – the server that holds your telephone number can be accessed for free* via the Internet thus reducing the install costs of a new line almost to 0.

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