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How to scan your website or any other site for malware/viruses

I was reading on Softpedia today that the number of infected websites almost doubled in the second quarter of 2010 (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Number-of-Infected-Websites-Almost-Doubled-During-the-Second-Quarter-156591.shtml).

So I was thinking about some methods on how someone can easily scan a web address and I have found some addresses that one can visit:

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McAfee offers to “repay” the costs of his last update.

If you are a home user of McAfee and last week you made “the mistake” of leaving your updating in automatic to your antivirus, you already know that McAfee had released a false positive DAT that considered SVCHOST.EXE a virus and tried to remove it. This corruption in the update file affected only the Windows XP SP3. The update in question was the release 5958 and was replaced in a few hours!! By the 5959 that solved the issue. Here is the official response on the next day: http://siblog.mcafee.com/support/mcafee-response-on-current-false-positive-issue/

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