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Nagios search auto complete

Today I have discovered a very nice plugin for the Vautour interface in Nagios that adds an auto complete query to the search box! In this article I will describe the installation (the author made-it extremely good but I wanted to add a small contribution too).
What you will need:


As I said the author made a very good  job describing the installation part, so I’m just put it here with some small comments:

Extract “jquery.zip” in the “share/js” folder.
You should now have “jquery.js”, “jquery-ui.js”, and a “jquery-ui” folder in the “share/js” folder.
Make sure that all files in there are readable and executable.
Note: I made modifications to the jQuery UI files, to make them work with the (slightly rigid) Nagios iframe setup.
This is why I recommend downloading the files from Nagios Exchange, rather than from the creators themselves.
By the way, kudos to the jQuery team and also to the guys at jQuery UI! Without them, this mod wouldn’t be here. (:
Now, open “sidebar.html” (in the share folder) for editing.
Replace lines 10 and 11 (the two script references) with this:

css” href=”js/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.css” media=”screen, projection” />

Small comment – the original lines that need to be replaced are:

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